California Civil Lawyer

At Jeffrey D. Stulberg Law Office we also handle civil litigation cases involving:

Insurance Claims and Disputes

If you have had a legitimate insurance claim denied or have received a settlement offer which is unreasonably low, we can help you get your claim resolved.  

Business Law & Contracts

Jeffrey D. Stulberg Law Office can assist your business in a broad range of contract, employment and litigation matters.  We can help in the drafting, evaluation and negotiation of business agreements or the litigation of disputes arising from business and contractual relationships.  Our law firm serves as legal counsel to businesses and individuals throughout San Luis Obispo County and the State of California.

Professional Liability Litigation

Jeffrey D. Stulberg has extensive experience in the litigation of malpractice claims against attorneys, health care providers, architects, engineers, dentists, real estate brokers and agents, insurance brokers and financial planners.  With experience in all aspects of professional liability litigation, we are here to help our clients in recovery of financial losses caused by the negligence of professionals whom they trusted to competently handle their affairs.

If you are interested in speaking with a civil law attorney, contact our practice to schedule a free consultation now!