Probation Violations

When people have been convicted of crimes, they can be sentenced with numerous legal penalties that range from having to serve time in jail to having to serve probation. In the state of California, probation is usually offered to defendants in place of jail time. This means that instead of having to serve a jail sentence, defendants are released under the expectation that they will adhere to the terms of their probation. Once people have been placed on probation, it is important that they:

  • Do not commit additional crimes.
  • Remain in contact with their probation officers and check-in as scheduled.
  • Do not carry a firearm.
  • Abstain from narcotics as well as alcohol.
  • Adhere to time curfews as well as any geographical restrictions.


Any time defendants fail to comply with their probationary terms; they can be accused of or charged with probation violation. When this happens, their original jail sentences may be reinstated and they will lose the freedoms they had while they were on probation.

During a probation violation hearing, a judge will decide if the defendant will have to go to jail because the defendant violated probation. The result of a probation hearing can move in many directions, which is why it is important that the defendants hire a competent and experienced probation violation attorney.

Jeffrey D. Stulberg Law Office represents those who stand accused of probation violation in San Luis Obispo and the Central Coast area.  We know that many defendants' greatest fear is having to serve jail time. Our legal practice does everything it can to ensure that defendants are able to remain on probation and do not have to face imprisonment.

If you need assistance with charges of probation violation, contact our law office and set up a time to speak with a probation violation lawyer.