Property Crimes

Jeffrey D. Stulberg Law Office represents those who have been charged with misdemeanor and felony California property crimes. Whether you have been charged with a theft crime or a violent crime such as burglary, our law office will provide you with the legal representation you need to fight your property crime charges. 

In the state of California, a person can be charged with the property crime or a theft crime if it is alleged that the person unlawfully took the property of another with the intent to permanently deprive the owner of the property.  Some of the most common types of theft crimes include:  larceny, embezzlement, burglary, grand theft, extortion, identity theft, robbery, petty theft, shoplifting and fraud.

The type of theft crime a person is charged with will usually depend upon the value of the items that the person took. People are usually charged with petty theft if the value of the items they stole was under $400 and grand theft if the value is over $400. Other factors that may play a role in the charges are the location of the crime, how the theft was accomplished, the proximity to the victim and the type of item that was stolen.

Theft offenses are generally classified as either petty theft or grand theft. Grand theft may be classified as either a felony or a misdemeanor and is punishable by up to one year in county jail or a term in state prison. Petty theft is classified as a misdemeanor and is punishable by fine or imprisonment in county jail for up to six months. There are numerous State laws that have been designed to penalize any person who is found guilty of theft crimes. 

A conviction for any theft offense, even a minor one such as shoplifting or insufficient funds, may have serious consequences beyond fines and jail time. It may adversely impact your future employability or permanently affect your professional licensing or career.  This is why people who have been charged with theft or property crimes need to get us involved immediately. 

The Difference between Burglary and Robbery

Burglary and robbery often get confused. A person who breaks into a home, business or locked car to steal is committing burglary.  A person who steals from another person directly by force (like a purse snatch) or by fear (threats or by using a weapon) is committing a robbery. 

It is important to understand that both robbery and burglary are considered felony charges. Felonies are the most serious criminal offenses people can commit and can result n stiff legal penalties. If you have been charged with robbery or burglary, you should take it very seriously and obtain professional legal advice from Jeffrey D. Stulberg Law Office as soon as possible.

Financial & White Collar Crimes

At Jeffrey D. Stulberg Law Office, we also work with people who have been charged with financial or white collar crimes. In the past 20 years, our California criminal defense practice has worked on cases involving embezzlement, credit card fraud, consumer fraud and related offenses. If you have been charged with a white collar crime, it is very important that you get a criminal defense lawyer involved as soon as possible as you may face legal penalties such as lengthy jail sentences or having to pay restitution.

Contact Jeffrey D. Stulberg Law Office today to set up a case evaluation with a property crime attorney that can provide you with helpful legal assistance and strategic defense options.